What is UACRR is made for?

Unlike doctors, builders, engineers, drivers and representatives of other professions who are paid monthly for what they do most creators do not have such possibility (some works of art are created over the years). While writing music, plays, the lyrics is not only complicated, sometimes exhausting work, the creative product is a “face” and a “soul” of the country, its unique and distinctive feature from other cultures. That is why the work of creators should be paid properly. By far the most common form of payment for the work of creators is the payment of royalties – a kind of monthly wage for the authors. As for the most authors it is difficult to collect their reward independently (for example, the songwriter is physically not able to independently collect his reward when his song is performed throughout the country and abroad), the Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights (UACRR) was created for the management of proprietary authors’ rights on collective principles. Thus, UACRR was created to collect royalty/remuneration for the authors.