Copyright holders

State Organization “Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights” (SO UACRR) is the most powerful collective management organization of copyright in Ukraine.
UACRR manages the proprietory rights of copyright proprietors, in particular such categories of property rights as usage of copyrighted works as:
public performance, including radio and television, the reproduction of works by using mechanical, magnetic or other recording, reproduction of audiovisual works or sound recordings of works for personal use etc.
We have:
• a long-term experience in the copyright field in Ukraine and abroad;
• more than 4 thousand of Ukrainian authors and their heirs who entrusted management of their property rights to SO UACRR;
• about 8 thousand of Ukrainian scientists whose interests SO UACRR represents while translating and publishing their articles in the foreign press;
• concluded contracts on the reciprocal representation of interests with reliable partners around the world;
• we represent and protect Ukrainian and foreign authors and their heirs in courts;
• we are represented in all regions in Ukraine