What is copyright?

Copyright is a form of protection of authors and subjects of copyright as provided by the Constitution of Ukraine and other normative-legal acts related to the creation and use of works. Copyright protects both published and not published works. product.

What is royalty?

Royalty (i.e. author’s remuneration) in essence is a certain amount, expressed mainly in monetary terms, or in another form, which is intended for the payment of remuneration (compensation) to the author for the creation of work of art and use of this work by other persons.

Who is the payer of royalties?

Royalties is paid by individuals and legal entities that use objects of copyright for generating a profit.
Approximate list of the most common users of author’s works :
– Theaters (including amateur, playhouses, studio theaters);
– Philharmonic (their branches and Philharmonic Centers);
– Circuses, circus establishments, associations (including mobile, canvas);
– Concert organizations, institutions, entities, playgrounds, etc.;
– Departments of culture, Palaces and Houses of culture, clubs, houses, palaces, Officers clubs;
– Concert halls, cinemas, video salon, institutions that conduct culturological, cultural and recreational activities;
– Organizers of touring and concert events ;
– Casinos, music and night clubs, lounges (Halls) of slot machines,
– Recreational centers , homes and recreation centers, resorts, motels , places of temporary stay (hotels, motels, campgrounds, etc.);
– Consumer services (factories, shops, hairdressers, tailors, salons, etc.);
– Enterprises, institutions of passenger transport;
– Parks, recreation areas;
– Sports palaces, stadiums, gyms, places of physical culture and sports activities, sport clubs, etc.;
– Enterprises of Broadcasters and Cable operators ;
– Restaurants, cafes , bars, pubs , snack bars, bistros and other catering establishments;
– Music clubs, night clubs, casinos, discos, dance halls and other cultural and entertainment facilities;
– Enterprise and Organization of Trade (including shopping centers, pavilions, markets, stalls, stands, etc. ) if they use the authors’ works to public announcement;
– Record companies;
– Content providers.

What is difference between the copyright and the patent or trademark?

Copyright is intended to protect the work, which was created by an individual’s creative work. Patent, by itself, protects the invention and utility model. Ideas and discoveries are not protected by copyright unless they are reproduced in tangible form. Trademark protects words, letters, and figures, depicting the elements, a combination of colors that distinguish goods or services of one person from the goods and services of others.

Since when is my work is protected?

Copyright in a work accrues due to its creation. For the accruer and exercisement of copyright is not required to register or formalize the work as well as to perform any other formalities.