The following information is disseminated on the Internet:

“In February 2018, at the meeting of the Ukrainian authors of the SO “UACRR”, held at the premises of the famous Kyiv Institute of Music named after Reinhold Glier, the creators unanimously decided to create a world-class organization, giving the basis of the Public Organization” Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights. ” Thus, the general meeting approved the composition of the author’s and supervisory boards of the initiated public organization. ”

(end of quotes).

I declare that by this time (07.12.2018), the commission which was created by the Order of 07.09.2018 № 17-04 in the SO “UACRR” for conducting an official investigation into actions aimed at breaking the relations between the SO “UACRR” and CISAC, not has found out no lists of participants and protocols of this very respectable meeting!

The actual number of member-members of the SO “UACRR” present in these supposedly “general meetings” of the state organization is not known.

On the site itself, there is no general announcement on the SO “UACRR” about whether there would be a General Assembly of the authors of the members to SO “UACRR” in February 2018.

It is clear that all this could only happen with the indignation of the former leadership of the SO “UACRR”, which in February 2018 hid the real situation from all the author’s member of the SO “UACRR”, not even announcing about the General Assembly of Authors on the site of the state organization.

Today, in general, the realization of the general assembly of the authors – members SO “UACRR” allegedly happened “in the premises of the famous Kyiv music institute named after Reinhold Glier” in February 2018 “is being called into question.

Already have addressed to all of you about it before

If someone has seen, or has protocols of the General Assembly of Authors to SO “UACRR” in February 2018, or has been present at the specified General Meeting – I kindly inform you to inform all authors of the members to SO “UACRR” with such information within our project.

In order to obtain true and non-biased information about the legitimacy, legality and, in general, the reality of the General Assembly of Authors SO “UACRR” in February 2018, we ask all authors of the meeting to request clarifications, protocols, lists of persons present at the addresses of the State Organization

We are going with you to the legitimate public organization of authors, creators, which is prescribed in the Law of Ukraine and which should absorb all the good that has been acquired by the state organization for many years.

We work for you!


With respect to honest dialogue,

acting Director General of the State Organization “UACRR”

Iryna Bugayenko


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